SCMM continues to focus mainly on markets in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia due to the timing of our supply, thus enjoying premium pre-Christmas returns.

SCMM has the capability to manage most of the logistic chain in-house which, in partnership with Contour Logistics provides access to most global markets.

In order to ensure service excellence from harvest to delivery across the globe, SCMM is proudly associated with leading specialist importers and distributors in Europe and the United Kingdom. With these strong relationships, SCMM is able to track and monitor its fruit throughout the entire export process, ensuring the delivery of the highest standards of produce.


Key to our success are strong relationships, built over many years, with both clients and buyers, this provides a solid foundation of mutual respect and trust. Maintaining these relationships and ensuring that we can meet our customer needs is paramount to SCMM. Our business is in an exciting expansion phase, adapting to meet the new, growing and changing needs of our clients. The SCMM team visits our clients regularly and attends major international events pertaining to the fruit industry.

Furthermore, strong links between farm management and the marketing team ensure that plans are realistic and attainable. Since reliability is key to our customers, we pride ourselves on consistent delivery in all aspects of SCMM’s services.