Proudly growing Medjool and Zamli dates since 2013 on Southern Farms in the Northern Cape, an area with ideal date-growing conditions. With secure production and global markets we are well positioned to become a leading Medjool grower-exporter in the Southern Hemisphere.

2 varieties of dates are grown on Southern Farms: MEDJOOL & ZAMLI

By the end of 2019 a total of 325ha will be under cultivation:
* 300 ha Medjool plantations
* 25 ha Zamli plantations

FRESH PRODUCE: Southern Farms packing facility is BRC/AA rating accredited.

Harvest takes place from February to May.

HAND PICKED AND PACKED: Southern Farms dates are hand picked and packed by staff experienced in working with fragile produce.

Known for:
* Sweet & robust flavour
* Size
* Quality without skin seperation

Average weight of Southern Farms Medjool dates: 25g – 30g

ZAMLI DATES: Nature’s Caramel®
Known for:
delicious sweet and caramel flavour
succulent flesh
Soft skin

Average weight of a Zamli date:
15 – 20g